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Random Harvest Retail Indigenous Nursery

You will find Random Harvest Nursery an oasis of splendor tucked away in regal indigenous gardens and hectares of rich farmland and grassland, on the doorstep of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Sandton and Krugersdorp.

Visit Random Harvest Nursery and be amazed by the beauty and enchantment of indigenous plants.

The nursery is laid out with meandering paths, encouraging leisurely strolls through, just wondering at the beauty and variety of the plants, each of which has a detailed information label.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy incorporates a complete and unabashed dedication and commitment to planting indigenous, and to helping people add value to their lives and live a greener life, with gardening choices of the highest integrity.

Our in-house processes are constantly being greened, our procurement and sales ethics withstand any scrutiny, our staff relations are some of the best in the industry, with constant staff training and a service record amongst the staff of many, many years.

Why Choose Random Harvest Nursery

  • You will be met by the friendly faces of the staff who are very knowledgeable and eager to help you with your selection of indigenous plants.
  • We are not your normal retail nursery, as we produce our plants on the farm.  You can be assured that they are grown in weather conditions that prevail in Gauteng and therefore will thrive in your garden.
  • This is not a nursery with ‘no entry’ signs and you are welcome to wander on the farm and in the production nursery.  If the plants are not displayed in the retail section you can also select from the production area.
  • We grow a vast number of different species of trees, shrubs, groundcovers, perennials, bulbs, succulents and water plants.  There is also a selection of rare and unusual plants and always something for the bonsai enthusiast. You will be spoilt for choice.
  • We are committed conservationists and grow our plants using only environmentally friendly products from the fertilizer to the pest control, in keeping with our dedication to nature and its delicately balanced eco-systems.
  • A place to meet like minded people, who are passionate about indigenous gardening.
  • Bring the children along to play in the sandpit or to run freely on the farm in a controlled environment - they will be met by smiling faces.  Milking time is also a firm favourite with the children.
  • It is a secure environment and there is access control on the gate.
  • Regular informative newsletters with ideas on attracting wildlife to your garden and gardening ideas   Inspiring displays
  • Waterlily Tea Garden where everything is baked on the premises and each meal is freshly prepared.  Breakfast is a treat.

Quick Contact

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Bird List - Random Harvest Farm

At Random Harvest we have an amazing number of birds resident or regularly visiting us.  I believe this is because we have so many different types of habitat here on the farm. We have planted a big variety of indigenous plants.  The way they are planted and the variety help create the habitat that the numerous species of birds use. These habitat types are: Urban garden            Tall woodland        

Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Trees for Pools

Trees for Pools I am regularly asked to recommend trees for around a swimming pool.   Most people ask  for an evergreen tree.  I would like to make an argument for deciduous trees.  Remember that although trees may be evergreen they do drop the old leaves and grow new ones and this is an ongoing process throughout the year, while a deciduous tree drops all its leaves in a short space of time.  I think it is better to cope with the leaves for 2 or 3 weeks until th

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Guide to Water Conservation Garden Display

  Water Conservation Gardening Display by Heather Balcomb and Linda De Luca   Water Conservation Gardening is the wise use and management of any water in the garden, particularly rain water. Ideally our gardens should not let a drop of water leave our property - be it a home or business park, or shopping area.   We hope this display gives you visual inspiration on how to implement some principals of water conservation design in the gardens. We have focused on rain water in

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